Shining the Spotlight on New Talent!

This past Tuesday, we celebrated the 27th Annual Spotlight Awards with the Grand Finale Performance in Walt Disney Concert Hall!  It was a new venue for our Spotlight Awards (usually held in the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion,) with a new host in the brilliant Jenna Elfman, and with an added new category- Acting.  We also had a new format for our grand prize finalists (of which there are two in each category) in that they all received the grand prize and this final performance was just that – a performance celebrating their tremendous talent and dedication to their art-forms.   So while it felt like a year of “new things” for Spotlight, the talent in all the participants was just as inspiring and remarkable as ever!

Take a moment to meet all our amazing finalists… We can bet you’re going to see their names in programs and marquees in the future!

Here’s a quick slideshow of some of our favorite moments from the day…

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Also, if you came to the performance take your ticket stub over to any Urth Caffe and get a FREE cappuccino or any drink up to $5, plus 20% off any purchase at all URTH CAFFE LOCATIONS.  (Offer valid thru April 15, 2015.)


All photos by Danielle Klebanow