Almost time for Ailey


AAADT in Alvin Ailey’s Revelations. Photo by James R. Brantley

We’ve been talking about it for months (and can you blame us?) One of America’s most beloved dance companies is returning to LA this April and we can hardly wait!  Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater will take our Dorothy Chandler Pavilion stage April 15-19th and, whether you’ve seen them a dozen times or never before, this is one Ailey engagement you won’t want to miss… In fact you may want to come to a few shows because there are 3 completely different programs among the six performances!

How do you know which show to see?  Well, we’ve created this handy dandy quiz to help you figure out which program best fits your personality and likes, but here’s a more general breakdown of how the shows are divided up and why each program totally rocks….


Power of Ailey – April 15th @7:30pm & 18th @7:30pm

This program is the only one of the 3 that does not include Alvin Ailey’s beloved work Revelations.  So if that’s a must see for you, then consider one of the other performances.  Power of Ailey packs a powerful punch of new and exciting works from Ulysses Dove, David Parsons, Hofesh Shechter and Ohad Naharin.  Each piece is brimming with athleticism, strength and innovative choreography that’s sure to leave a lasting impression.

Dove’s Episodes dramatically exposes the eternal dilemma’s between men and women through explosive choreography. And Parsons’ signature solo Caught is a breathtaking fusion of art and technology, with the dancer executing a continual series of over 100 leaps synchronized to the flashes of a strobe light, creating a stunning suspension of weight.  Schechter’s Uprising uses an all male cast and is set to some of the choreographer’s own music.  While Naharin’s Minus 16 has been creating a buzz in the dance world for sometime now and if you haven’t seen it yet, you need to asap!  Get ready to be amazed!

AAADT'S Hope Boykin in Matthew Rushing's ODETTA  Photo by Steve Wilson

AAADT’S Hope Boykin in Matthew Rushing’s ODETTA Photo by Steve Wilson

Soul of Ailey – April 16th @7:30 & 19th @2pm

If you’re literally looking for something a bit more soulful, this is the program for you.  Soul features the west coast premiere of Matthew Rushing’s ODETTA – a ballet based on the life of the activist singer Odetta Holmes – as well as classic works from Ulysses Dove and Alvin Ailey himself.  The program has some of THE BEST music of the engagement, and promises to be a truly moving production.

Matthew Rushing is actually an LA native – having attended LACHSA and performed as a finalist in our own Spotlight Awards – so we are especially proud to host the west coast premiere of his ODETTA.  Dove’s Bad Blood depicts a desperate and futile search for connection through physical impact, and was actually a precursor to Episodes.  And Alvin Ailey’s signature work, Revelations, closes out this program.  If you’ve never seen it, now is the time.  It is one of the most moving works ever to grace the stage!

AAADT in Aszure Barton's LIFT.  Photo by Paul Kolnik

AAADT in Aszure Barton’s LIFT. Photo by Paul Kolnik

Joy of Ailey – April 17th @7:30 & 18th @2pm

And finally, our Joy of Ailey program brings together a beautiful mix of moving, and high energy pieces guaranteed to put a smile on your face! With in-demand choreographer Aszure Barton’s Lift getting things started, this program takes an energetic bend.  Barton’s work has been described by Dance Magazine as “vulnerable and feisty, brightly adept yet peculiar, witty and impetuously wild.”  Who doesn’t want some of that?

And Hans van Manen’s Polish Pieces continues the mood by creating a brilliant kaleidoscope of energy through the shapes and movement of 12 colorfully clad dancers.  Then Christopher Wheeldon’s masterpiece After The Rain adds a touch of elegant calmness to the fold, before the show closes again with Ailey’s Revelations.  If you want to leave the theater in the best mood ever, opt for the Joy of Ailey program.  It’s a dead lock!

Hope to see you at one, two, or all three of our Ailey programs!  Tickets have been going fast so be sure to snag your seats asap!